June 26, 2019

In the Place Where God Wants Us to Be

Doris Espinoza Huachaca from Sao Paolo, Brazil


There was a very special day for me though it must have been a usual day for others. It was when some smiling members from the Church of God in Peru let me know the existence of God the Mother. That day, God opened my heart and allowed me to receive a new life. My husband who came home from work too listened to the truth and received it, and my younger brother became a heavenly family member as well.

Before, I attended a Protestant church since my childhood, where I tried to preach the word to people though I didn’t really know what preaching was. I also asked my husband several times to come to church with me and study the Bible. However, my husband who had a difficult childhood without his mom asked me back, “If God exists, why do we have to suffer on the earth?” The people of the Protestant church could not give him a convincing answer.

When we first went to the Church of God, the brothers and sisters welcomed us with “We love you!” My husband and I studied the truth at the Church of God, and received the answers to the questions about where our souls were from and why we are living painful lives on this earth. Afterwards, we went to Zion often. My husband encouraged me to understand God’s will and follow it. That was how our lives of faith began.

A few years later, my husband and I, who were walking the path of the gospel together, got into a conflict a few times for some family problems. At that time, I believed that I had good faith, but I hurt my husband’s feelings many times.

Around the time when my arrogance was giving a hard time even to my husband’s life of faith, my husband’s sister Yeni, whom I had only talked with over the phone often because she was living in Brazil, came to Peru to visit us. My husband quickly preached the truth to her, thinking that he might not see her again for a while, and Yeni made time to listen to the truth despite her tight schedule. When she returned to Brazil, we gave her a few copies of the Elohist magazine so that she would not forget about God the Mother. Afterwards, whenever my husband talked to her on the phone, he encouraged her to go to the Church of God in Brazil. When she said she would go there if he came to visit her, a smile spread over his face.

Two years passed. Then one day, Yeni asked my husband to come over to Brazil and work with her. My husband, who got more and more interested in that matter while talking with Yeni, asked me, “Do you want to go to Brazil?” a few times. Since I wanted to stay in Peru, I answered him, “Why? We are good here.”

Around that time, we were living a life that looked fine in other people’s eyes. We must have looked like a young couple following God’s word and living a life full of hope. However, we weren’t like that in reality. We only understood the truth as words written in the Bible, without realizing Heavenly Father and Mother’s great sacrifice and love to save us.

On top of that, as we cared more about the physical things than the spiritual blessings, problems arose one after another, and those problems bound us and prevented us from moving forward. Our fall into deep darkness didn’t stop. Everything went the opposite way from what I had planned and thought, and unpleasant things kept happening one after another. Carrying all those problems, I felt like I had no room in my mind or even to breathe, and I was filled with deep sorrow, anger, and pessimistic thoughts. Then, God Elohim shook my dying soul and woke me up.

“Let’s go to Brazil.”

At my husband’s phone call, I finally changed my mind and said yes. Finally, we left Peru with tears, regret, and fear, and arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We were worried that we might not even be able to find Zion because we had never been there and we didn’t speak Portuguese, but Yeni accompanied us and helped us find Zion. When we arrived at the door, many thoughts went through my mind.

“Is this the Church of God which believes in Heavenly Mother?”

The members of the Sao Paulo Zion welcomed us with a warm smile and love. I was so happy and grateful to have found Zion in a foreign country. That Sabbath day was so comfortable and beautiful. Although the world discriminates people by country, continent, and nationality, the love of Zion is the same wherever you go in the world.

Yeni could speak fluent Portuguese because she had lived in Brazil for about ten years, so she interpreted for us. Keeping the Sabbath day together with us, she was greatly moved by the true love of God Elohim, and was surprised by the fact that such pure love still exists in the world; she must have felt like that even more because she lived a hard life without receiving love from her parents just like my husband. God Elohim consoled her who had been injured in the world, and led her to the way of life. After receiving the blessing of a new life, she thanked us for coming for her, and I realized that it was God’s will to lead us to Brazil.

Sister Yeni, who felt true happiness in the truth, preached at work, in the subway, and over the phone. Reborn in the arms of Heavenly Father and Mother, she began to remove her lifelong inner darkness from her heart. She had been faced with all kinds of temptations and sufferings, but she repented of her past life and tried to follow Father and Mother. Having realized that she could be truly happy when she was with the heavenly family, she completely turned away from the dark life of the past.

Now Sister Yeni returned to Peru that she had missed so much, and now keeps her faith there. Seeing how she was led to Zion and stood firm in her faith, I was able to understand even a little bit of the infinite love that God Elohim save one soul with. Although my lips are so little to praise God and my understanding is lacking in many ways to understand the deep will of God, this experience was engraved deeply on my heart.

Before, I was lacking in faith and patience, so I was overwhelmed even with small problems, worrying that they would never be solved. I just wanted to get away from those problems, believing that it was the only way to make my life better, but things didn’t go the way I wanted. Although we tried a different way and moved to a different location, nothing was solved and the problems kept coming back. However, there were always the warm hands of Heavenly Mother who was cheering for me and guiding me even in the time of affliction. I could feel that I am truly Mother’s child who is receiving love from Her.

Now my husband and I are making efforts for the mission to save seven billion people in Brazil. Wherever we are, it is a place God wants us to be, so we will carry out the gospel mission diligently.

“Let’s please Heavenly Father and Mother!”

I pray that we will complete the gospel mission in unity with this hope. I give infinite thanks to Father and Mother for blessing us to participate in Their salvation work.