Following the Path of Father and Mother


The Maputo Church in Mozambique


In Maputo, Mozambique, there is a large construction company where people from all over the country work. There are currently dozens of Church of God members working there. It started with one brother.

The brother wanted to preach the news of salvation to his co-workers who were living without hope, doing hard labor every day, and so he preached the truth whenever he had a chance. One of them received the truth, and as his faith grew, the number of the gospel workers grew to two.

The two brothers kept worship services and actively preached the gospel, saying that they were happy to be able to please Heavenly Mother though they were spiritual sinners. But it was not easy.

They had to take a boat to come to Zion from where they worked. But to take the boat, they had to walk for quite a long time, and then they had to take a bus after getting off the boat. Although they managed to get to Zion, they couldn’t stay long because of the last boat back. The distance wasn’t the only problem. Sometimes, when they got to their lodging too late, the doors were locked and they had to sleep outside. Despite all these, the brothers kept worship services holy. Pleased with their efforts, God led one more soul to Zion.

We, the members of the Maputo Zion, wondered how we could help the brothers who kept their faith despite the hardships, and we decided to go to the brothers’ workplace for a short-term preaching; it was to hold a Bible seminar for the brothers’ co-workers they were trying to preach to. We made a plan for three short-term mission trips for the Bible seminars.

The day we left for the first short-term mission, the journey we had only heard of was really tough. We waited for the boat for quite a long time under the scorching heat, and we continued waiting in the boat until we arrived. We were exhausted while walking to our destination from where we got off the boat, but we kept on walking, thinking of the brothers who made this trip to keep worship services every week. However, when we finally got there and saw the brothers welcoming us gladly, we didn’t feel worn out anymore.

Ten of their co-workers came for the Bible seminar. We preached the truth about Heavenly Mother with all our heart. By nightfall when the seminar was over and it was time to go back, it got pretty cold outside. There were many mosquitoes, too. We remembered the brothers told us that they sometimes slept outside when they got to the lodging too late.

“There are so many mosquitoes, and it is cold outside! How could you sleep outside?”

“I heard that Father preached even when it was colder than this. Compared with Father’s hardship, ours is nothing. We’re okay with several mosquito bites. It’s not a big deal. We’re just thankful that we can follow the path of Heavenly Father and Mother,” said one of the brothers.

The brother’s answer let us realize that the beautiful sacrifice that Father set as an example has brought blessings on us today, and we gave thanks to God. The faith of the brothers was beautiful;

resembling Father, they accepted the sufferings, which they had to undergo to lead even one more soul to salvation, as joy.

A fruit was born through the Bible seminar. One of the co-workers, who participated in the seminar and paid more attention to the word than anybody else, came to Zion on the Sabbath day, studied more, and was reborn as God’s child. His faith grew fast, too. Actually, coming to Zion by boat was like passing the first test of faith; everyone who passed this grew fast in faith.

After coming back from the short-term mission, we encouraged the brothers even more fervently. We soon held the second and the third Bible seminars, and the results were successful. Seeing people receive the truth through the Bible seminars and come to Zion to worship God on the Sabbath day, we were overwhelmed at the thought, ‘The brother who sowed the seeds of the gospel first at his workplace had a lot of hardships, but he made it.’ The power of unity that the brothers and sisters showed was touching, too.

To the brothers and sisters of the Maputo Church in Mozambique, Heavenly Father and Mother are the reason to live and the force to preach the gospel. Since we clearly know the reason to live, have such powerful driving force of the gospel work, and receive great blessings through our beautiful unity, our footsteps to follow the path of Father and Mother are full of energy today, too.