Invitation of Entries
for Presentations
on the Church of God

Entry is open to any (young) adults, students, and pastoral staff members of the Church of God around the whole world.* The maximum number of team members is three.


Korean, English, and Spanish

Due date

Mar. 1 (Tue.) – Sep. 17 (Sat.), 2022


Field Truth-related Theme
A God’s Commandments(Sabbath, Passover, Feasts, etc.)
B Father, Mother
C Any other truths except for Field A and B
Field Other Themes
D Personality (thanksgiving, perseverance, consideration, serving, faith, love, etc.)
E Zion manners, Historicity (Factuality) of the Bible
F Church Introduction, Church PR, Guidance for the Life of Faith

How to Enter

  • Select a theme and make a presentation and a lesson plan.
  • Fill out the application form and scan it.
  • Compress the three files into a zip file with the name in the order of church, name, field, and theme as follows.
    File name:
    e.g.) PPT: USNewWindsor-PaulJohnson-A-Sabbath.pptx
  • Submit the files via email () by September 17 (Sat), 2022.


  • Only the MS Office PowerPoint files are available for the entry.
  • Slide size 16:9
  • Make sure to tick off the box, “Embed fonts in the file” at the [PowerPoint Options – Save]. * Do not attach the font file separately.
  • Neither embed any video nor input your name, and your church name in PPT.

Awarded to

Individuals / Teams

Awarded in

December, 2022