Arise & Shine Global Bible Seminar

Experts in various fields testify that both God the Father and God the Mother exist,
on the basis of the Bible and studies.

The Role and Necessity of God the Mother Testified in the Bible and through Science

The mystery of the Bible, which has not been solved by Bible scholars for
thousands of years! Through the Bible Seminar, the key to the mystery turned out to be God the Mother.

The specialists in theology, science, history, psychology, space engineering, and so on, testify to God the Mother’s existence, love, and role, with detailed examples and supporting evidence as well as the Bible.

Keynote Address

God the Mother Testified in the Bible

The word Elohim, which means Gods, appears more than 2,500 times in the Bible. This has been the mystery of the Bible, which even the Bible scholars have been unable to solve for over thousands of years. However, it is easy when we find the existence of God the Mother in the Bible. Mankind must find God the Mother testified in the Bible to receive salvation.

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol

Human Body Testifies to the Existence of Heavenly Mother

Sebastián Gabriel PlayanArgentina

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The Importance of the Breast Milk Called the White Blood from Mother

Christian Raúl Álvarez SaraviaPeru

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The Value of the New Covenant Hidden in Black Gold

K. Vijay DanielㆍK3rd Mumbai, India

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Elohim God; the Creators Signature

Jon-Paul MartinoNew Windsor, NY, U.S.

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Tradition Trapped in Christianity

Justin LowellChicago, IL, U.S.

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The Resounding Impact of Mother’s Voice

Kevin ClarkU.S.

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Who Is Your Mentor?

Niklaas Arnaad MöhleBerlin, Germany

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Space Science

The Source of Life in the Universe Is Our Heavenly Mother

August Hugo KruesiPrincipal Investigator for Research Programs and Chief Engineer for the Development of Rocket Motor Propulsion Systems at Aerojet Rocketdyne in the U.S.

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Political Science

The Love of Mother Brings Balance

Paul Richard WilcoxRussia-Mongolia Country Director at the U.S. Pacific Command

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Historical Studies

Veracity of the Existence of God the Mother from Historical and Psychological Points of View

Carlos GutierrezProfessor of History at Sanchez Carrion National University in Lima, Peru

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Medical Science

Mitochondrial Inheritance

Elias CaicedoFormer Head of Surveillance and Sanitary Control of DPSE– MSP in Ecuador

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Space Science

Mother, the Chief Engineer of the Greatest System

Lorn David ReynoldsSenior Systems Engineer of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in the U.S.

Culture and Arts

The Greatest Playwright

Fulufhelo MugovhaniActress (Recognized with the Best Actress Award in the African International Film Festival)

Electronic Engineering

The Source of Universal Energy, the Spiritual Integrated Circuit

Rafael Anonuevo DimaculanganProfessor at National University in the Philippines