Character Education

As the children of God, the members participate in the divine nature
to express their faith with action, instead of being a Christian only outwardly.

True Christians Practice Faith with Deeds

True Christians are aware of the intrinsic value of religion and practice the word of God. We make efforts for the members to build up character as true Christians so that they can do good deeds and set a good example of respect, consideration, and unity.

Teachings of Mother

The Teachings of Mother contain God’s good teachings,
which the children of God need to practice such as love, a beautiful mind,
patience, and serving others. In the teachings, you can find wisdom for a happy life.

  • It is more blessed to give love than to receive it, as God always gives love.
  • When we glorify God, the glory returns to us.
  • A beautiful mind has no hate and brings forth a perfect love.
  • Just as Abraham was blessed with better things when he gave in for his nephew Lot, we, too, will be blessed with even better things when we give in for our brothers and sisters.
  • An arrogant heart feels disappointed when his expectations are not met.
  • Although others do not work, we should not complain but do our work faithfully. When we work with the spirit of ownership, we can work with joy and confidence.
  • Arrogance comes from a mind full of complaint. When we serve God with constant gratitude in our hearts, complaint and arrogance disappear from us and humility dwells in our hearts.
  • When we compliment our brothers and sisters, compliments return to us.
  • Just as the sea purifies itself even after receiving all the earth’s impurities, we should have a broad and beautiful mind like the sea to cover the faults of our brothers and sisters.
  • Whoever wants to be led by the Lamb must become a lamb smaller than the Lamb.
  • Sacrifice is needed in the process to become a greater vessel.
  • We must endure present sufferings because the kingdom of heaven is ours.
  • God came to this earth to serve. When we serve one another without wanting to be served, God is pleased.

Family’s happiness is the happiness of mankind

There is a saying, “Home is the father’s kingdom, the mother’s world, and the children’s paradise.” A family can become a paradise because its members love each another. We help family communication through the monthly Happy Home which is designed for family worship, communication, and practice of love and consideration. We promote family harmony through diverse activities such as seminars for happy families and family sports events. We encourage the members to think about each of their roles at home and to express gratitude to one another for a happy family.

The Happy Home

The Happy Home is a monthly magazine for family’s happiness and communication. In the love of God, the parents and their children, and the brothers and sisters care about one another with consideration and make happy homes.

Education for Title/Position Holders and Teachers

Mother’s leadership: caring about brothers and sisters with Mother’s heart

We conduct regular education so that leading members, title/position holders and teachers, can serve the spiritual brothers and sisters and practice the love of God just as God always serves us. The reason that Church is a place to worship God and a haven for our souls, where the heavenly family stays together, is because Mother’s love overflows. We help all the members, including the title/position holders, learn Mother’s leadership of caring, serving, and loving with Mother’s heart. We achieve unity and harmony which pleases God most.

Education for the Pastoral Staff

Education for Title/Position Holders

Education for Teachers of Young Adults and Middle and High School Students

Education for Teachers of Preschoolers and Elementary School Students

Character Education for Young Adults

We carry out character education in various ways for college students, military personnel, and young adult workers, so that they can build an upright character and create a hopeful global village. Young adults practice good manners, contribute to the community’s development and harmony, and communicate with the world with a global perspective, through activities such as new semester education, culture events, healing seminars, and overseas culture experiences.

Character Education for Youths

The personality, character, values, and future of youths change, depending on what they fill themselves with. We help them have field trips, volunteer services, and lectures on character, so that they realize the value of life and broaden their horizons, with upright character and sensibility. Youth members learn languages and manners through student camps during winter and summer vacations. They also learn to consider others by experiencing many different institutions, exhibitions, orchestra concerts, and volunteer services.