Environmental Cleanup Campaign

We work together to make the global village clean and happy.

Blood Drive Campaign

Our efforts to save lives continue.

Mother’s Street

With Mother’s love, we make our streets clean and bright.

Reduce Crime Together Campaign

We make the world safe and happy by preventing crime.

Campaign 01

Environmental Cleanup Campaign

The earth is home to all lives. We continue to carry out environmental cleanups around the world to save precious lives and purify the environment suffering from severe climate change and pollution. With an aim of cleaning our communities and the whole world, we hold regular cleanups in streets, parks, riversides, shores, mountains, and more. As years go by, we raise more environmental awareness, and people participate in environmental efforts more and more.


Street Environment Improvement

We clean streets and neighborhood parks.

452,266 participants

Forest Environment Improvement

We preserve mountains and forests that prevent disasters and purify the air.

12,707 participants

Water Environment Improvement

Preserving water is like saving mankind.

152,583 participants
Campaign 02

Worldwide Blood Drive to Give Life Through the Love of the Passover

We hold blood drives to follow the example of Christ who established the Passover of the new covenant through His sacrifice on the cross to give eternal life to mankind. We help save precious lives of those who need blood transfusions due to accidents and diseases such as blood cancer including leukemia. It also eliminates social and cultural biases in blood donation and encourages participation in saving life.


Blood drives in the U.S.

We held a mega blood drive in New York in August 2015. We had a record-breaking result of 1,414 blood donors, which amounts to 87% of 1,630 participants from states in the East Coast such as Washington D.C, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

“Not many groups donate this much blood to save lives within a year. What you did today will become a gift of life to all those suffering. You demonstrated love, care, and self-sacrifice. It’s not something we can see easily in our society.”

Blood bank worker in New York, U.S.
Campaign 03

‘Mother’s Street’ Campaign

“Mother’s Street” Cleanup Campaign is a global environment protection campaign to clean 40,000 kilometers—the circumference of the earth, with the heart of a mother who cares for her family’s health and happiness, so that the global village can be full of love and happiness like in the embrace of a mother’s arms.

Numerous continents are participating in this campaign endeavor: U.S. Korea, Australia, U.K., France, Mongolia, Cambodia, India, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, and so on. The campaign raises environmental awareness and encourages people to participate in environmental protection.

1 km of “Mother’s Street”

We designate a street of one kilometer as “Mother’s Street,” and regularly carry out cleanups.

40,000 km, the circumference of the earth

We clean dirty streets and brighten dark streets.

Campaign 04

Reduce Crime Together Campaign

We carry out the Reduce Crime Together Campaign to make the world safe and sound by preventing and reducing crimes with the love of Mother. We raise awareness of this campaign through forums and seminars, help prevent crime through environmental design, conduct public order compliance campaign, and build global partnerships to establish a crime prevention system and encourage more people to be considerate of others and communicate with others.

Raising awareness

1. Crime prevention education for the youth
2. Forums and seminars to prevent crime

Practical activities

1. Environmental design for reducing crimes
2. Public order compliance campaigns

Global partnerships

1. Partnerships to establish a crime prevention system
2. Continual cooperation with international organizations, governments and institutions of many different countries, and NGOs