Church Events

We hold various activities for the world mission under the goal of saving mankind.

Resolution Rallies for World Evangelism

“Preach to all creation,” “Become my witnesses in Samaria and to the ends of the earth,” “Make disciples of all nations.” (Mk 16:15; Ac 1:8; Mt 28:19) According to these words, we made a resolution to preach to all people, depending on God who makes everything possible. Believing that the gospel will be delivered to everyone, we held resolution rallies in all the Churches of God around the world.

Bible Preaching Contests

The Bible Preaching Contests are a good opportunity for the members, who have been studying God’s words to preach the gospel, to be filled with courage and faith, and to be inspired to save souls. Through the Foreign Language Bible Preaching Contests, we remember the history of the early Church when the apostles preached the gospel in many different languages 2,000 years ago, and prepare ourselves to preach the good news to all nations.

New Jerusalem Cultural Contents Awards

As the gospel spreads rapidly through the world and the Churches are established even in the Himalayas and the Amazon Rainforest, the importance of diverse preaching and education materials is growing. Accordingly, we hold contests for writing, videos, and presentations, to discover talents and produce contents.

New Song Festivals

The Bible describes young adults who follow God as the dew of the dawn. It means that they have the pure and bright faith. The New Song Festivals are held for young adults and students—the protagonists of the world mission, to unite, praise God, and strengthen their faith to devote to the gospel work. The New Songs express the power of God, joy of heaven, and thanks for God’s grace and salvation. The members are built up through the New Songs and look forward to their bright future.