Volunteer Services

The Church of God nurtures the peace and happiness of the world
by saving precious lives and overcoming hardships together.

Everybody becomes happy in Mother’s love

The earth created by God is home to mankind. We are like one family. However, the number of people suffering from wars, famines, disasters, and diseases all over the world has been increasing every year. Unexpected social, economic, and environmental disasters threaten our basic human rights to life, education, medical treatment, and a healthy environment; they even jeopardize the survival of mankind. The Church of God aims to create a world of peace and happiness where everyone feels comfortable as if in the arms of a mother.

Mother’s Love
Saving Life
Human Rights Protection
Environmental Protection
World Peace


Mother’s Love Is the Source of Happiness

Mother’s love is what the global village needs most. Just as a mother’s love, care, and sacrifice in the family brings forth family peace and harmony, when the world, which is full of disasters and conflicts, gets filled with the love of Mother, mankind can gain peace and happiness.

When People Change, the World Changes

Each individual is the smallest unit of human society. When a person changes, his family will change; his community, city, and country will change; and then the world will change. With the love of a mother who is the central figure in the family, we provide each person with a happy change, so that those whose lives have been changed can make the world happy together.

The Church of God is with the world in accomplishing the SDGs

The ultimate purpose of the SDGs is to bring peace and happiness to mankind. The Church of God supports accomplishing the SDGs in cooperation with international organizations, governments and institutions of many countries, communities, and people from all walks of life.

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are an agenda adopted by the United Nations in 2015 and common goals of the international community for the sustainable development of humanity. It contains 17 goals, 169 targets, and 230 indexes that the international community has agreed to implement by 2030 to address a wide range of problems the humanity is facing, such as poverty, diseases, educational issues, environmental destruction, and economic problems, with the ideology, “Leave no one behind.”

SDGs implemented by the Church of God

The Church of God’s social services correspond to the SDGs.

World Peace Emergency Relief disaster relief and recovery efforts, donation of relief funds and supplies, free meal services, education on disaster preparedness
Poverty & Famine Alleviation donation of food and daily necessities for the poor, donation of funds
Clean Water & Sanitation water pump installation in water-scarce countries, sanitation improvement
Health & Well-Being blood drives, medical support, health consultation, disease prevention
Welfare Promotion consolatory parties for seniors, free hairstyling service, support for seniors and multicultural families, exhibitions for neighbors, orchestra concerts, support for regional and national events, public order campaigns, supporting for farmers, fishermen, and livestock farmers
Quality Education reconstruction of disaster-affected school buildings, donation of educational facilities and supplies, beatification of school environment, support for school tuition fees, character education
Environmental Preservation local environment improvement, ecosystem protection, climate change countermeasures, environmental protection campaigns
Crime Prevention global crime prevention campaigns
Partnership global forums for the implementation of the SDGs, signing MOUs, meetings, signature campaign

Volunteer Service Worldwide

The Church of God protects the environment and carries out voluntary services,
giving courage and hope to the neighbors in need; not only the members of the Church of God,
but also their families, neighbors, friends, and people from all walks of life,
participate in the efforts.

(As of November, 2017)


Laying the groundwork for sustainable peace in the world

  • Supporting the success of international events
  • Expanding cultural exchange
  • Cooperating to solve international issues and improving communication

Support for the implementation of the SDGs

  • Poverty and famine alleviation, disease prevention and treatment, protection of human rights of disaster victims and vulnerable social groups, support for child and youth education
  • Poverty and famine alleviation, disease prevention and treatment, protection of human rights of disaster victims and vulnerable social groups, support for child and youth education

Help for the growth of communities and countries

  • Community development and environmental improvement
  • Solving community problems
  • Residents’ harmony & public-private cooperation

Promotion of family happiness and neighborly harmony

  • Expanding participation of family and neighbors in volunteer services
  • Sharing family events and cultural activities
  • Promoting neighborly understanding

Character build up of children and youths

  • Improving self-esteem, promoting family love
  • Expanding knowledge, improving altitude
  • Improving communication among peers and generations
  • Cultivating sociality

Development of civic consciousness

  • Motivating people from all walks to life to participate in volunteer services
  • Encouraging the sense of consideration
  • Raising environmental awareness
  • Cultivating a sense of global community