I Support the Church of God

People from all walks of life support the Church of God’s activities to create a bright future for mankind.

I was very moved by your presence here, the message you have, and the good will of all the members of the Church working together and for making this world a better place.

Monica Belalcazar
Humanitarian Affairs Officer at UN OCHA

If all the young people in the world were like these Church of God volunteers, we got no problems. Thank you.

Don Riepe
Director of the American Littoral Society

We are very grateful to your support. We will not forget Korea, we will not forget the Church of God, and we will not forget Aura Supporters. So we are very grateful to you. Thank you very much!

Hasan All Bicak
Official of Turkey Universiade

I was getting every day more impressed about the support all the teams are getting here. What I see here is really unique.

Michael Schmidt
Executive Director of World Baseball Softball Confederation [WBSC]

The supporters from the Church of God are most outstanding. They’ve opened a new era in the history of the sports, and are changing its culture.

Park Sang-ha
Executive President of Daegu Universiade

It was just like an Olympic games. I don’t see that much cheering and that much spectator excitement except in Korea.

Jim Easton
Vice President of International Olympic Committee

The Church of God members cheered from the first day until now with their enthusiasm and devotion. Such cheers haven’t been seen in any other games. It was truly amazing! I’m so proud of them!

Oh Gyu-seok
Governor of Gijang, Busan

I’m with cheering fans from Korea. It’s really nice to have them here. It’s very unusual. I’ve never known that many fans for water polo. It’s really nice to have all these guys cheering for all the countries. It’s really nice. Thank you very much.

Marie-Claude Deslieres
Water Polo Referee from Canada at Gwangju Universiade

The Church of God Supporters have elevated the dignity of Korean people and brightened up the Gwangju Summer Universiade.

Kim Dong-cheol
Korea National Assemblyman