Welfare Promotion

We share non-discriminatory love for everyone to live a happy life.

We are committed to promoting welfare so that all races, ethnicities, women, children, and seniors can live a happy life without being left out. We present joy and happiness to our neighbors such as seniors who devoted their lives to their families and society all their lives, and children and youths who are the protagonists of the future.

Welfare Promotion
Child Welfare
Support for Multicultural Households
Cultural Communication
Sharing Love with Neighbors
Senior Welfare
Youth Welfare
Community Support
Child Welfare
  • Children’s welfare facilities support
  • Neglected children support
  • Underfed children support
Senior Welfare
  • Consolatory parties for senior citizens
  • Hair-styling service
  • Support for seniors living alone
  • Support for senior welfare facilities
  • Donation of daily necessities and clothes
Multicultural Families Support
  • Donation of groceries
  • Donation of daily necessities
  • Orchestra concert for foreigners
Youth Welfare
  • Donation of educational equipment and goods
  • School environment beautification
  • Support for school expenses
  • Character education
Community Support
  • Visit to public offices
  • Public order campaigns
Sharing Love with Neighbors
  • Support for the disabled
  • Support for low-income households and grandparent & grandchild households
  • Support for farmers and livestock raisers
  • Support with daily necessities and heating supplies
  • Support with living expenses
  • Kimchi sharing
  • Bazaars to help neighbors in need
Cultural Communication
  • Charity concerts
  • Concerts for neighbors
  • Healing concerts
  • “Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition
  • “Father’s True Heart” Writing and Photo Exhibition

Support for Underprivileged Children

We give a helping hand to children who are underfed or are in welfare facilities, hoping that they will grow healthy. For this, we deliver family love and hope with a mother’s heart.

Practice of Filial Piety

We practice filial piety and duty for seniors, who devoted their lives to their families and society. We are helping seniors who are spending hard times due to diseases and poverty in the welfare facilities.

Support for Multicultural Households

We give a helping hand to multicultural families who live and work hard in a foreign country so that they can get courage and hope, feeling love. We ease the difficulties of living away from home.

Support for Farmers

We share Mother’s love with the workers engaged in farming, fishery, and livestock industry, which are the base of dietary life. For farmers and fishermen who have hard times due to labor shortages as young people left, we help them sow, plant, and harvest crops, and provide living tools so that they can get strength and comfort.

Sharing Culture

For people who got weary in the hard and heartless world, we present healing and rest. We provide cultural experiences and communicate with others through the Messiah Orchestra Concert, “Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition, and “Father’s True Heart” Writing and Photo Exhibition

Community Support

We stretch our helping hands in many different ways for the development, communication, and unity of our communities. For those who make efforts day and night for the happiness and security of citizens, we deliver our thanks and encouragement, and support regional unity and conduct public order campaigns.

Cheering for Friendship and Harmony of the World

We perform diverse supporting activities with our heart and mind at international sporting events and national or local events for the friendship and harmony of mankind. We cheer for peace and happiness with the love of a mother who cares for her family’s harmony.