Cultural Communication

We present healing and rest with a father and mother’s love
to those who got weary and exhausted in the hard and heartless world.

Orchestra Concerts

The Messiah Orchestra is composed of the members of the Church of God. It provides the opportunity of communication and harmony among family members or neighbors through beautiful music, and gives a break to modern people tired from the stress coming from busy daily life. Also, it delivers hope and God’s love to people who are in troubles due to sudden disasters.

Charity Concerts to Help Disaster Victims around the World

We hold charity concerts to help people suffering from disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. We helped disaster victims in Thailand, Haiti, Nepal, Peru, etc. return to their normal lives with new hope, and encourage citizens to join in helping our underprivileged neighbors in the world.

  • Charity concert to help Haitian earthquake victims
  • Charity concert to help Chilean earthquake victims
  • Charity concert to help Thai flood victims and Turkish earthquake victims
  • Charity concert to help Nepali earthquake victims
  • Charity concert to help Peruvian El Niño flood victims

Concerts for Local Communities and Nations

We hold concerts for the development of communities and nations, and for the unity of members. Sharing bright and hopeful music, we support community harmony and the success of international or local events.

  • Concert for firefighters in Peru
  • Concert for the success of the World Championship in Athletics
  • Concert for the success of the Visit Chungcheong Year

Concerts for Families and Neighbors

We share a mother’s love with foreigners who are living away from their home countries through beautiful music. Those who enjoyed the concert with their families, neighbors, friends, or fellow workers regain vitality, sharing joy together.

  • Concerts for family and neighbors
  • Concert for foreigners
  • Healing concerts with Mother’s Heart

Concerts for Teenagers

We present music to youths who are worried about their studies and future so that they can have dreams and hopes through music. Not only the Messiah Orchestra, but also student orchestra members who have improved their skills in their spare time hold a concert for students at their age and local residents. We learn humility, consideration, communication, and harmony through music, comfort youths who are burdened with academic stress and distressed by school violence, and give them hope and courage with impressive melodies. It becomes an opportunity for youths to share sound cultural life and communicate with their families, friends, and teachers.

  • Wind Ensemble for youths
  • Student Orchestra Tour Concert

“Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition

We share love of mothers who always encourages us, saying, “That’s all right,” “You can do it,” and “Cheer up!”

Looking back over mothers’ love and sacrifice at the exhibition, people receive hope and courage in this tough world

Whoever visits the Church can look around the exhibition. It leads the residents to communicate with each other. It started in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea, in June, 2013, and has inspired 670,000 visitors in 70 regions. The exhibition was also held in Manhattan, New York, U.S., and Santiago, Chile.