Conferences on Volunteer Services

The Churches in the same cities, countries, and continents
make united efforts to help their communities.

Efforts to Save the Earth and Protect the Future of Mankind

The members from all walks of life perform many different types of volunteer services, centering on the regions and countries where the Church of God is established. For more active and effective volunteer services, we hold conferences to share good methods and set the direction for growth.

Through the conferences, we share necessary information on the regions we will aid, gather new ideas, and present good examples. We also discuss these matters with international organizations, governments, municipalities, universities, and institutions to practice God’s love and help our global neighbors in need.

Understanding of Local Situations

We figure out the current situation of the regions that need our helping hands.

Volunteer Service Results & Good Examples Presentation

We summarize our volunteer services in the previous year and share good examples.

Discussions on Volunteer Service Achievements

We review the achievements of our emergency relief, support for the underprivileged neighbors, environmental cleanups, and so on.

Cooperation with Institutions and Groups

We form partnerships with governments, municipalities, and groups to work together continually.

Volunteer Service Plans & Suggestions

We make plans to take the initiative in volunteer services.