Truth Education

The word of God is the spiritual food and the water of life that revives our souls.
We provide systematic Bible education in a variety of ways for the members
to become closer to God and stand firm in God’s word.

Bible Education by Age Group

We have Bible education programs for different groups of ages and occupations, such as children, elementary school students, middle and high school students, college students, young adult workers, military personnel, and adults. We have the Sabbath Day School for the members to understand the words of the Bible, and the Academy System to learn the Bible by making presentations. We create an environment where the members can stay close to the word of God in a daily life through media such as audio sermons, videos, websites, and books.

Education Program for All Members

Growing Academy

It helps the new members learn the truth and understand the word of God easily.

Preaching Academy

It helps the members who have gained faith in the new covenant easily learn the word of God.

Elohim Academy

It allows the members to learn the new covenant truth in depth with various subjects.

Leadership Academy

It is for the pastoral staff to deliver the word of God to the members.

Education Program for Young Adults

We help young adults, who are the leaders of future generations, have a right
perspective on faith and sound set of values so that they can practice God’s word,
following the prophecy that the youth like the dew of the dawn will come to God.

International University Student Bible Academy [IUBA]

For college and university students, we have Bible clubs on campuses and Bible studies through regular gatherings, intensive education, and correspondence workbooks.

International Worker Bible Academy [IWBA]

For young adult workers, we cover not only the Bible but many topics necessary for social life such as personality, ethics, leadership, and foreign languages.

International Military Member Bible Academy [IMBA]

We help the members in the military spend their military life meaningfully and contribute to society after discharge.


Through monthly booklets, the members
study the word of God and learn lessons.

The Elohist

The members strengthen their faith and build upright character by reading sermons, lessons from Biblical history, and the news from the Churches around the world.

Sabbath Day School

The members learn history, God’s providence, and basic knowledge of the Bible, and realize the grace of God the Creator by age group on every Sabbath day.

Education for Male Adults

Male adults are playing important roles in their families and society. In addition to the Elohim Academy which all members participate in, they study God’s word through Bible studies, male adult training, and the Bible Preaching Contests, which are held in each Church regularly.

Education for Female Adults

Female adults perform a key role in the family’s happiness and the friendly relations between neighbors. They learn the truth through the Elohim Academy and regular Bible studies in the Church, and practice love and consideration in their homes and communities.

Education for Young Adults

IUBA(International University Student Bible Academy)

IWBA(International Worker Bible Academy)

IMBA(International Military Member Bible Academy)

Education for Middle & High School Students

The Bible-centered education help the students grow upright in the word of God. They receive education based on their levels through student camps during winter and summer vacations. The stay interested in the Bible studies through various audiovisual programs.

Education for Preschoolers and Elementary School Students

Having been educated by the word of God from an early age, one can grow up as an upright person. The importance of education for preschoolers and elementary school students is growing. So we have the Sabbath Day School for four-year-olds to sixth graders. Materials for each age group provide an interesting and informative education based on the Bible, and the winter and summer vacation camps become an opportunity for elementary students to learn the truth.

Education for Theological Students

We run the Theological Seminary to raise the pastoral staff that will practice the word of God, lead the world to salvation, and serve neighbors and communities, full of virtue and love. Based on the ideals of the truth, godliness, and practice, all prophets are trained to lead the world to salvation with obedience to the word of God, godly deeds, and character.