March 13, 2020

Give Thanks to God!


In order to commemorate the passing of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the century, people throughout the United States turned off their electrical power for a minute. It was to be grateful for bulb his invention.

Then, have we ever given thanks to God for His operating the heavens and the earth? According to a virtual scenario made by a professional documentary channel, if the earth that spins on its axis at a speed of 1,600 kilometers [994 miles] per hour stops completely, days last for six months and nights too last for six months. During the daytime when scorching sunlight beats down on the surface of the earth, the temperature rises up to 55℃ [131℉] and by night it drops down to -55℃ [-67℉]. Giving just one example, if the earth stops moving even for a moment, the result does not end by inconvenience. The very survival of mankind is impossible.

Many times, we forget what is invisible, but we must give thanks for the earth that moves busily every day without an error. Day after day, we must give thanks to God who created all things of the universe, controls death and life of mankind, and works even today with no rest only for the salvation of our souls.

“(Give thanks to him who made) the sun to govern the day, His love endures forever. (Give thanks to him who made) the moon and stars to govern the night; His love endures forever.”Ps 136:8–9