March 17, 2020

Something Nicer Than a Luxury Car


Around an open market in Seoul, a boy was pulling a handcart instead of his grandmother. But he accidently scratched a luxury car that was parked. Seeing his grandmother being all in a fluster without knowing what to do, the grandson was about to cry. Passersby too felt so sorry for that. As the car was one of the highest quality brands, it seemed to cost too much money to fix it. If its owner knew this, it must have been obvious that he would get angry.

One person who was observing this situation called the owner of the car and explained what had happened in detail. Soon, a middle-aged couple appeared and suddenly lowered their heads before the old lady, apologizing to her for parking the car in the roadside, not in a parking lot. They added their fault caused inconvenience and even led the cart to bump into the car.

An eyewitness to this heart-warming scene posted the story on the Internet, envying the couple’s personality, not their wealth. Netizens too left complementing comments, “They are rich in mind. It’s so touching. They are cool! In personality too, there must be choice quality.”

True dignity is seen by words and deeds. You can never purchase it with money but produce it from the heart.