Mother Is My Salvation

Kim Hyeon-dong from Uijeongbu, Korea


There is a sister whom I led to Zion. She was my age and very interested in the Bible. Once she started studying the Bible, it usually took a couple of hours. She also installed a Bible app on her smartphone and read it all in just a few days.

As her new semester was approaching, she went off to the province where there was her college dormitory. Her place was five hours away from Uijeongbu, and there was no Zion in its vicinity. Even the transportation was inconvenient, and it took a great deal of time to get to the church.

After she moved into the dormitory, I was worried about her, so I visited her on Friday as soon as my class ended. The next day, we went to the nearest Zion and kept the Sabbath together. I was relieved when the Zion family members there took good care of her.

However, she felt uncomfortable about going to the church alone. I really wanted to visit her every day to share God’s word and love with her, but the circumstances didn’t allow me to do so, which made me frustrated. The only thing I could do was to pray that the sister would realize the sacrifice and love of Heavenly Father and Mother and that she would not stop going to Zion.

Then one day, unexpectedly, I received from her multiple text messages filled with some realizations; as she was hesitant about doing something out of fear, she prayed to Heavenly Mother with tears, and She gave her courage to step forward.

She had once experienced seeing her close friend leave this world. So, even though she was still young, she felt like death was near her. However, she now felt at ease and was grateful to Heavenly Mother. She said no one had ever given her such a feeling of security before.

She even asked me to never forget Mother no matter what might happen, saying that Mother would always hold on to us unless we let go of Her hands. She also said that she wanted everyone in the world to know the existence of Heavenly Mother. Hearing her say confidently that Mother is her salvation, I was sure that she has realized Mother’s love, as a child of Mother.

Her request to always remember Mother kept running through my mind. Actually, there were many times in my life when I forgot about Heavenly Mother. I felt ashamed that I had turned away from the love of Mother who had been sacrificing Herself and praying for the salvation of my soul for such a long time.

I sincerely hope that the sister, who has helped me realize what I am lacking spiritually, will receive abundant blessings of the Holy Spirit and become a good fruit. Thank You, Mother, for always being with me!