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With Family

Park Bo-ra from Seoul, Korea


“What is this?”

Six years ago, my twin sister saw my veil and asked me what it was. It was when I just started attending the Church of God, and I simply explained to her about our church and the truth in the Bible as much as I knew. She was unfamiliar with the truth, and as she came across groundless rumors about our church, she opposed my faith. Moreover, my mother just listened to my sister and misunderstood our church, and she kicked up a fuss.

My family’s prejudice had not changed for years. The more I realized the value of heavenly blessings, the more I felt pity for my family. When I saw parents attending worship services with their children, I was reminded of my mother and sister and it broke my heart. Because of the disapproving stares from my family, it was difficult for me to talk about the Bible and even to go to worship. Despite that, I did not give up but prayed hard, “Please lead my family to the truth.” When I regarded all of my efforts to lead my loving family to the truth as a process for refining my faith, I became encouraged and even more eager.

Time went by, and my sister got married and my nephew was born. Ever since my sister became a mom, she changed a lot. She would listen seriously to what I said about the Bible, and even asked me first if I would come and preach to her for the day. She opened her heart little by little, and I invited her to the “Father’s True Heart” Exhibition. Looking around the exhibition, she was immersed in thought and her eyes were soon filled with tears. When we had almost finished looking around the exhibition, I explained to her about the Passover and the heavenly family. She listened attentively to me, and even remembered the words of the Bible that she had occasionally heard from me.

That evening, we had dinner together, and I said to her with total sincerity,

“I really want to be saved with all my family.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she listened quietly to me.

“Actually, I thought about it over and over again during the exhibition. I’ll think about it a little more.”

While having dinner with her, I fervently prayed to God.

On the way home after dinner, my sister took the lead because I had such a poor sense of direction. However, the place where we arrived at was neither a subway station nor her house, but Zion. After much thought, she received the blessing of becoming a child of God. I had been eagerly waiting for this moment for such a long time, and I burst into tears of joy. On the way home, I called her “Sister.” Then she replied with a smile, “Yes, Sister!” Normally, she was clumsy at expressing her feelings, but that day she said, “Thank you for everything today.”

I will diligently feed her with God’s word, praying every day that her faith will grow in the love of Heavenly Father and Mother. I believe that my loving parents, my nephew, and my sister’s husband too will soon be led into the arms of God. Just imagining the day when I will say to all my family, “Today is the Sabbath day. Let’s go to worship together,” makes my heart throb: I feel as if that day has already come. Until my wish comes true, I will pray continually and carry out the gospel mission with all my heart.