Please, Take Me There

Kim Suk-hyang from Seongnam, Korea


As I moved to a new place, I got along with a worker at a super market; for I did my groceries there often. We talked about how we live, and I often invited her to our church for a good event, but she couldn’t make time.

One day, she welcomed me gladly when I stopped by the supermarket. She said she would quit the job soon and next time, we would see each other at the church. I rejoiced, and an elder next to me asked me which church I go to. As I answered I go to the Church of God, the elder was curious which denomination it was, mentioning about the names of her previous churches and religions.

“Ma’am, her church is really great. The members also carry out volunteer services very well.”

She kept on praising about our church that I didn’t even have a chance to talk. The elder, who listened carefully with her eyes shining, carefully asked us to listen to her story. She said she loved God and had never missed church no matter what. After she moved to this place recently, she went to a church near her house. However, she was heartbroken that they worshiped God without even having a flower on the altar, so she prepared flowers on her own and participated in the worship with her whole heart. Then a while ago, she was disappointed by a financial dispute among the church members when the church was moving. With a sad look, she said she stopped going to the church, feeling that God was not there. Hoping that the elder, who loves God, would not lose hope for salvation, I told her bit by bit how much God loves us.

“Take me there! Please take me to God!”

When I was about to finish talking, she held my clothes and said with earnestness. As I was startled at what just happened, the worker said,

“You should take her. I saw her while working here. She is really a good person.”

The elder handed me a paper with her contact number and her name, and asked me to call her, saying that she would be waiting. I was stunned. Until now, I’d preached to many people but she was the first person to ask me first to take her. On the other hand, I felt a shudder deep in my heart, feeling that this seems like the fulfillment of the prophecy, “Ten men from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and come to God” (Zec 8:23).

The next day, which was the Sabbath day, the elder came to Zion and received a new life with joy. The elder obeyed the words of God humbly. She had respect for God and humility as well. Imagining how pleased Heavenly Father and Mother would be, I could not stop smiling.

Many people out there might be wondering, seeking the truth like the elder. Not long after, the day will come that tens, hundreds, and even thousands will plead us to lead them to our God Elohim. Looking forward to that day, today too I sow the seed of the word.