All Joy and Happiness Are in Mother

Lee Sil-geon from Daegu, South Korea


When my son introduced his future wife to us, my wife and I liked her right away because she told us that she went to church. Since we were Christians, there was nothing more I would want as long as they made a harmonious family, living an upright life of faith.

Soon after our son got married, we found out that our daughter-in-law’s church was the Church of God. Although we were unhappy about that, we couldn’t show it to such a good daughter-in-law. At our devoted daughter-in-law’s request, we had been to “Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition hosted by the Church of God, and listened to the church news she often delivered to us.

Then one day, our son and daughter-in-law earnestly told us that they wanted to go to the Church of God with us. We were greatly concerned. My wife had believed that the Presbyterian Church was legitimate since her childhood. I had been devoted to the Methodist Church where I started my life of faith thirty years ago and I was even in charge of general affairs there. On top of that, we many times had heard that the Church of God was far from legitimacy.

There was no way I would have anything to do with the Church of God if it wasn’t for our daughter-in-law. However, it was hard to say no to her who had been taking such good care of us. We loved her a lot, and we didn’t know what to do.

After much thought, I persuaded my wife and suggested a condition to my son and daughter-in-law.

“We will go and see your church, but if we don’t think your church is true, you should come out of it.”

I told them very firmly, thinking nothing would change. However, the day we went there confidently, we received the truth. Seeing the existence of God the Mother in the Bible, we were shocked. The more we studied the Bible, the clearer it became that Heavenly Mother exists.

After being reborn as God’s true children, my wife and I hugged each other and cried; tears endlessly rolled down our faces. I couldn’t believe that I had never known about God the Mother though I had been in church for such a long time. My faith that I had had for tens of years was all meaningless. At the same time I was so thankful that I finally met Mother of my soul. All kinds of thoughts and emotions crossed my mind.

As we studied the truth and kept God’s decrees, we got more confidence in the new covenant. My wife and I made a resolution to grow in faith in Zion where Heavenly Father and Mother dwell.

In Zion, not only Heavenly Parents but also our heavenly brothers and sisters, who would share strong brotherly love, welcomed us. Although we sometimes showed deeds of old yeast, they still treated us warmly. We were happy with the brothers and sisters who guided us with God’s words.

Good things continued to happen. I had been without a job after failing in business, but then one of my friends offered me a job. Although I had a skill that I learned when I was young, it wasn’t easy to find a job because I was rather old to get a new job, but a plastic manufacturing company, which was having a hard time, asked me for help.

But it was too soon to be happy to get a job. At my new job, my boss, his wife, and the department head were all title-holders in their Protestant Churches. My boss had a big wooden cross in his office, and his pastor would even come to the factory, gather the employees, and hold worship services.

As it wasn’t easy to get that job, I didn’t want to do anything that would make the executives upset, but it was different when it came to the matter of faith. I couldn’t act the same as when I didn’t know the truth, and I didn’t want to kneel down before the idol. When they suggested I should keep the worship service with them, I said, “I am a member of the Church of God,” and I let them know that I keep the Sabbath day.

I guess Heavenly Father and Mother were pleased with me trying to keep the truth though my faith was not great; They helped me come out of all the difficulties. After that, God led me to keep the Sabbath day fully.

God’s grace continued. Even skilled experts find plastic manufacturing hard, and it often causes a fire because the ingredients are highly inflammable. Although it’s not easy, I tried to work with thanks and joy, paying all my attention to safety. While doing so, I was promoted to the highest position that a technician can get to within a year. The way to preach the gospel to my co-workers was also opened; I gave thank to God again.

What I was even more thankful for was that my family members were led to salvation one by one. My mother was blessed with a new life, and my daughter and son-in-law too became heavenly family members; my daughter grew up with greater faith, and now she is diligently storing up heavenly rewards as a gospel worker in Zion.

Then my wife’s younger sister, who lives in Jeju Island, was led into the Heavenly Mother’s arms on the day my wife and my daughter-in-law flew there. Not long after she received the truth, she invited her acquaintances—a principal and a congressman, to “Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition held in Jeju Island, and she delivered Mother’s love to them.

When I see my family change to be the protagonists of prophecies, standing on God’s side, I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness. All this is from Heavenly Father and Mother. If I had not met Heavenly Mother, I would’ve been still bound in chain of death and would be judged.

Mother, thank You for loving us and leading my family to the truth! I will walk the path of faith with thankfulness, always remembering that all joy and happiness are in You.