February 18, 2021

Appearance and Value


In January 2007, a man wearing a hat in shabby attire began to play the violin at a subway station in Washington D.C., U.S. For forty-five minutes of performance, many passersby went by him, but only a few people stopped for a while; most of them did not even look at him.

Two days before this, a violinist’s concert was held in Boston. The ticket that was over 100 dollars was sold out, and the concert came to an end with great cheering by the audience. His name is Joshua Bell. He is a musician loved by Americans and a world-renowned violinist. What was surprising was that Joshua Bell was the one who played the violin at the subway station. A world-famous musician was playing a heartwarming performance, but people were just passing by.

True value is not in a stunning venue or expensive ticket. If you judge things, based on their appearances, you may miss their true value. We should open wide the ears and eyes of the mind to see if there is something valuable we pass by because of its ordinary or shabby appearance.