May 22, 2020

Why Do Baseball Managers Wear Their Teams’ Uniforms?


Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and handball coaches usually wear suits when their teams are in the game. However, baseball managers and coaches wear their teams’ uniforms with the uniform numbers. The tradition of their wearing uniforms dates back to the early days of baseball. The position that managers hold today used to be typically held by the team captain. Then, why do they still wear uniforms?

Unlike in most other sports, baseball managers and coaches can step onto the field without reserve to replace their pitchers, to give directions to their batters, or sometimes to appeal to referees. During the game, they enter the field frequently. However, without wearing uniforms, they cannot enter it according to the rules. That’s why they wear the same uniforms as the players’.

A baseball manager is not only a leader who teaches players skills and tactics, but also a manager who engages in many parts. As a manager has such immense influence on the outcome of the game, baseball game needs close communication between the manager and players. The uniform the baseball manager wears shows his will to play the game with the players.