Bathroom Etiquette


“Come out quickly. I’m in a hurry.” “Who didn’t switch off?” “Who hung the wet towel?” . . .  While using the bathroom together at home, we go through many troubles. If the bathroom is not cleaned up after use, the next user may be unpleasant. So, in the bathroom we need more consideration than in any other places at home. This month, let us observe good bathroom manners so that all family members can use the bathroom pleasantly and hygienically. People with a beautiful mind leave their seats beautiful.

Bathroom Etiquette at Home
Knock the door before entering.
Empty the bin when full.
Wash your hands with soap.
Yield for someone in a hurry.
Replace the toilet paper when you finished the roll.
Flush the toilet after use & clean off the seat.
Turn off the water & lights.
Keep bathroom neat and tidy.
Remove soap bubble or fallen hair.
Don’t take a long time if possible.
Put the slippers together for the next user.
Hang a new towel or put the used one into the washing machine.