March 4, 2020

Better Is Two than One, Three than Two

The Recife Church in Brazil


You can often see trash and graffiti in many streets of Recife, Brazil. Regular cleanups were needed, but it was more urgent to change the way people think about the environment. That’s why we visited a TV station before the cleanup. The broadcasting company viewed our event positively that it decided to cover our street cleanup.

A reporter came on the day of our cleanup. We cleaned streets diligently, hoping to raise environmental awareness and to encourage public participation, which was captured on camera.

The next morning, however, the news was not broadcasted at the scheduled time. We were disappointed, thinking it had been edited. But that evening, we got all cheered up; the news was aired in the evening when there were more viewers.

We are happy that we could be the salt and light of the world and display God’s glory through our volunteer service. When two work together than alone, or three than two, we believe not only Recife but the whole world will change.