March 11, 2019

Creation of the Heavens and the Earth, Brilliant Craftsmanship


Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for four years.

One of the famous pieces of the ceiling is called The Creation of Adam. To complete it, he had to raise his arms all day, and no matter how painful, he continued the work with all his heart and soul.

Once completed, he satisfactorily signed his name on the fresco painting and walked out of the church. Bright sunshine, a blue sky, and birds flying in the air . . . Michelangelo was mesmerized by the beauty of nature. It was at that moment he thought:

‘God created such beauty in nature without a trace to announce that it is His work of art, yet I wanted to boast about myself just because I drew a little mural.’

He went back to the church and erased his name. Since then, he didn’t write his name on any of his works.