Conditions for Flowering


Once the cold winter passes and it starts getting warmer, flowers bloom here and there. However, even though the spring flowers are in the same condition, they bloom at different times. For example, azaleas bloom after forsythias bloom, followed by cherry blossoms. The reason they bloom at different times is that each plant species has a different amount of heat that needs to be accumulated in them. In order for a plant to bloom, it needs to be exposed to the warm temperature for a certain amount of time.

However, heat alone is not enough for flowering. The amount of the cold that a flower needs to endure for a certain amount of time needs to be satisfied first. If the amount of the cold accumulated is not taken into consideration but only the heat is as a condition for flowering, plants may bloom even before spring comes. The cold accumulated in the plants is their strategy to prevent blooming before the spring comes and freezing to death in the cold.

It is said that the spring days of our life come after hardships like the cold winter. And those hard times make joyful and happy days even firmer.