Holding on to My Crown of Life

Shange Valombweleni Nawa from Windhoek, Namibia


It was a very special day for me though it must have been a usual day for others. Some members from the Church of God in Windhoek let me know the existence of God the Mother and how important it was to receive the promise of salvation. I was very surprised, and wanted to learn more about the Bible, but my mother had taught me that I should be careful of other people; so I decided to postpone the Bible study until the following day to make a careful decision.

That very afternoon, I went home and highlighted the very verse I had been taught, not wanting to forget even one point. On the one hand, I thought, ‘I already attend a church. Is it really necessary for me to meet them again?’ However, God’s word I learned that day was deeply engraved on my heart. The next day, I hurried to my school for the appointment. We studied again the words of God for hours because I had some questions. Soon I received the blessing of being born again into a new life.

Afterward I began studying the Bible with members in campus and in Zion. The words that I learned at the church every day were amazing. The prophecies of the Bible and their fulfillment made me feel as if I had never experienced the Bible before; the Bible was full of testimonies that I could not deny, and God truly existed.

After realizing Heavenly Father and Mother, I came to have one wish. I wanted to repay God for Their grace by sharing the blessing of salvation with other people who haven’t come to the truth yet.

One day I told my family that I begin going to the Church of God that believes in both God the Father and God the Mother. But my uncle misunderstood the Church of God and strongly opposed my going to Zion. The only thing I could do was to earnestly pray to God for me to walk the right path and to study the truth of the Bible constantly. Then, I came across one verse in the Bible.

“I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown” Rev 3:11

God always answered my prayer, and cheered me up whenever I had difficulties.

While keeping worship services alone, I came to newly realize the value of the bright smiles of the brothers and sisters and Zion, and I also came to realize the burning heart of Heavenly Father and Mother, which I could not realize before. The love and sacrifice of Father and Mother awakened my soul, and it gave me a great strength for the Gospel. These days too, when I read the verse, tears roll down my eyes.

While faithfully keeping God’s commands, I came to have one goal for the Gospel. It is to go to a place where the Gospel had not been preached to and deliver the news of salvation there. To make sure that I do not get deprived of this great blessing, I preached the Gospel to whoever I met on campus.

One day, when I was opening my locker at school to grab my laboratory coat, I saw a student sitting alone. Although I wanted to ask her if she ever heard about Heavenly Mother, I began to walk away quickly to the lab, thinking, ‘It’s too late, and she will probably not understand it.’ On my way to the lab, I could hear the voice of Father and Mother who made me think, ‘What if she is a member of the heavenly family?’ I turned around and went over to her and preached the truth about God the Mother and the Sabbath. Although the time was up and I had to leave, she continued to ask me to show her just one more verse, being mesmerized by the words of the truth. She soon realized the truth and was born again as a child of God with joy.

While preaching the Gospel, I came to deeply realize that God Elohim is the Creator and that They have been with me all the time. After realizing how much compassion God had on me, a sinner, and how much They love me, I began to change little by little. As I repented of my sin through Father’s words and put Mother’s teachings into practice one by one, I was able to quit my bad habits.

And God gave me wisdom, abundant blessings, and faith for me to be able to graciously keep all the seven feasts in three times, including the Sabbath in Zion. It’s hard for a first year student to live in the dormitory and it’s impossible to enter the dormitory in the middle of the year, but Father and Mother allowed me to live in the dormitory. I truly give all thanks and praises to Father and Mother for answering my prayers and allowing me to endure up until this point.

I truly give thanks to God for allowing me to understand the gospel, which even the angels of heaven want to know, and for entrusting me with the mission of preaching to people. No matter what tirals may come, I will follow God with unwavering faith and devote myself to the holy mission. I believe it is the way to hold fast to the crown of life.