I Don’t Deserve Them


While a teacher was spending the latter years of his life in writing, his pupils visited him to pay their respect for the New Year. His whole family gathered in the house: his sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren, who came from afar. All his family members welcomed the pupils with bright smiles and they looked very happy. After greeting the teacher, one of the pupils asked him,

“You always have a good relationship with your wife, and you’ve raised your children excellently. What is the secret?”

The teacher said with a smile, putting down a cup of tea,

“It’s because they are all too good for me. My wife trusts in me although I don’t deserve it. My children follow me as their father. Isn’t this too good for me?”

When you consider the other person to be too good for you, you will feel grateful. Since the other person is better than you, you will look at him with a positive view, and you will be happy whenever you are with him. As your happiness is conveyed to the other person, he becomes happy as well.