Empty Your Mind and Give Ear to Your Family!


A survey of a Korean portal found that conversation time among family members is less than twenty minutes a day. The biggest reason for such little talk with their family even though they live in the same house is there seems to be no one who hears them.

In order for a family to live in harmony, the family members should talk to each other enough. For the rich and honest conversation, you have to listen carefully to the other person and pay attention to their words even if they are about trivial things: what your child has experienced at school, what your spouse has been through at work or with your neighbors, and what your parents are worried about.

If you empty your mind and give ear to your family, then you can hear their sincere hearts. You may also hear the footsteps of happiness coming to your family!

Eliminate interference while conversing with your family.
Give the opportunity to talk to the other person first.
When the other person talks, do not turn away your eyes.
Remember the other person’s point instead of hearing carelessly.
Do not interrupt before the speaker finishes his sentence.
Agree with the other person rather than presenting a solution.
Do not change the topic of the conversation rapidly.
Respect the other person’s thoughts and opinions.
Pay attention to the other person and react accordingly.