Enjoy Inconvenient Happiness!


There are many inventions around us that make our life convenient and enriching. If we use a finger without going shopping, we can get the items we want. We can communicate online without seeing each other face-to-face.

But the convenient life does not always bring happiness. The development of transportation causes lack of exercise as time for walking decreases, and a new type of digital dementia arises due to the use of convenient smartphones. We sometimes regard even a little inconvenience as big. These are side effects of getting accustomed to convenience.

The mission of this month is to find happiness hidden by convenience. Enjoy the happy things we can get from inconvenience!

Ring the bell or knock before you enter when someone’s at home.
Handwrite a message to your family instead of texting.
Walk with your family instead of using a vehicle, if it’s a short distance.
Have a conversation while having tea instead of instant drinks.
Take the stairs for exercise instead of the elevator.
Go shopping with your family instead of shopping online.
Cook with your family instead of ordering delivery food or eating out.
When you feel inconvenience, find a thankful point instead of complaining.
Read newspapers or books instead of watching TV or using smartphones.