July 8, 2020

It Is Entirely Up to You


Even the same writing gives different feelings to different people. A word that is skimmed by someone can be a clue to precious realization to another.

Sometimes, situations may change. The article, which was not inspiring much before, may move you a lot or the sentence, which touched your heart before, may seem to be a cliché now.

The writing is the same. What changes is the mind of the reader.

The manna that the Israelites ate in the desert had the same taste like wafers made with honey when God rained it down from heaven for the first time or after a long time. However, the complaintive hearts of the Israelites, who were tired of living in the desert, changed honey tasted bread into miserable food (Nu 21:5).

God’s words, which were amazing when you studied at first, sounds like just another discipline now? Then it is a sign showing that your mind has changed to be different than at first.

It is entirely up to your mind whether to regard God’s words as a writing which is okay not to pay attention to, or as nourishment to make your soul healthy.