Make an Exciting Family Slogan!


Before players come onto the field, they say, “Let’s go!” to cheer up each other. In Spanish, people say, “Animo!” When you shout encouraging words, you give yourself strength and confidence to do things, and you can strengthen team spirit, radiating good energy.

Family, too, is like a team. Why don’t you create your “family slogan” for good teamwork? Family slogan does not only build family teamwork, but also give strength and courage to each other, conveying the message of hope.

Now, clench your fists and shout your family slogan all together!

Discuss which words would be nice to be included in the slogan.
Make the slogan give an impression of joy and positiveness.
Clapping and a gesture can make the slogan cute or powerful.
Chant all together in the morning (at least once a day).
Chant with a smile and love for your family.