May 9, 2019

Find a Family Resemblance


When you look in the mirror, do you think you look like your parents? Have you been surprised to see your child talking or acting like yourself? When you went out with your brother or sister, did people recognize you as a family? Do people say that you look like your spouse?

Family members resemble each other in appearance, habit, taste, palate, voice, and emotional expression. Of course, the genes play their roles, but people also get affected by the surrounding environment. So it’s natural that the family members in the same environment resemble each other. Above all, when you love someone, you want to follow whatever he or she does, and while following the person, you become alike.

This month, see what similarities your family members share. It is said people are attracted to those who look like themselves. The more you find similar things, the closer you will feel to each other.

Watch your family with interest.
Do a “telepathy test.” (Between the given words such as coke/sprite, orange/green, and mountain/sea, each person shouts his/her preference at the same time.)
Write down similarities.
Talk about the benefit of resembling each other.
Talk about what needs to be corrected among the similarities.
Find in what you want to resemble each other.