A Flowering Desert


The Atacama Desert located in the north-west of Chile is the driest and the most barren region in the world. It is also well-known for its rough and rugged environment that resembles that of Mars—stony terrain, high sand hills, salt lakes that dried up long ago, holes made by meteorites, and the like.

Due to the nature of the terrain, no rain cloud was formed that there was little rain. In 2015, however, super El Niño occurred. Heavy rain poured for over twelve hours. A few days after the rain stopped, something miraculous happened. The barren desert suddenly turned into a flower garden. After it rained, all the seeds buried in the sand woke up from their dormancy and sprouted; more than two hundred species of flowers bloomed to form beautiful waves. It really was a spectacle.

Just as a desert with no plant growing has kept flowers in it, you do not know everything just by looking at its outer appearance. As long as you don’t forget that there is more than meets the eye, you can sprout your hope even in the wilderness.