For a Friend of Mine


Some elementary school students went on a field trip to a car factory. When the students entered the factory, a man shook his hands, calling the name of one of the boys. He was an employee of the automobile factory. He was on his way to see his son, hearing that his school students were coming to the factory for a field trip. But when the boy found his dad, he just contacted eyes with his dad and followed the teacher with his friends. He felt awkward at his son’s reaction as he had thought his son would run to him happily, shouting, “Dad!”

‘As I’m in working clothes, he must’ve felt ashamed before his friends.’

Although the man understood his son’s behavior, he could not shake off his sadness. That evening, the man entered the house. Then, the son ran toward him as if he had waited. And he said, hugging his dad,

“Dad, I’m sorry. Were you sad? I was very happy to see you there. But there was a friend right beside me, who lost his dad and is living only with his mom. If I had called you gladly, he would have thought of his dad. That’s why I passed by you quietly.”

His misunderstanding was cleared up in a moment, and he was so proud of his son for being considerate of his friend.