February 14, 2020

From What I Can Do


John Wood who was working as an executive for a major company went to a Himalayan remote area in Nepal for his holidays. There he saw students having classes, being densely seated in the dirt. He was shocked and made up his mind to do something helpful for the education of children living in developing countries.

Though he didn’t know how to prepare books and education cost and how to send the gifts to them across the Pacific, first of all he sent his acquaintances emails soliciting book donations.

And then, he shipped the donated books to schools in Nepal. After that, he established a charity and performed various projects; he did one by one from what he could do.

So far, John Wood has established over 1,800 schools and 16,000 libraries in Nepal, India, Vietnam, and so on, and distributed 15 million books. It was the result of his putting into practice what he could do from small things with a resolution, ‘Nothing is impossible in order to change the future of children who are uneducated and remain in the cycle of poverty.’