June 27, 2019

Getting Rid of the Old Yeast

Luz Angela Benites Carpio from Lima, Peru


Last Sunday, I volunteered to paint a school located near our church with the brothers and sisters from the 5th Lima Church in Peru. This time, my husband and my son were also able to join it. My family hadn’t had much time to get together with the excuse of being busy, but we spent time together at this voluntary service, which made it even more meaningful.

We peeled the old paint before painting it over. We had to do that, otherwise it wouldn’t be painted smoothly no matter how good the quality of the new paint was. I thought the spiritual principle is similar to this. If we want our souls to be cleansed by Mother’s water of life, we must first get rid of our old yeast.

The work started at 9 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. We were all wet, covered with dust and sweat, from head to toe, but twelve classrooms and the school exterior walls were beautifully painted in white and sky blue. It warmed my heart when I thought that the students would be happy when they come back to school after the vacation.

I was grateful to have a meaningful time with my family through the volunteer work and also to have spiritual enlightenment.