January 23, 2020

The Greatest Decision

Charles Tespoer from Iloilo, Philippines


One day in August, 2012, my friend told me an astonishing secret of the Bible, beginning from the words in the Book of Genesis. I was overwhelmed while hearing the words but I couldn’t just simply be happy because I was worried about my parents’ opposition; they were diligent in the Catholic Church. After thinking about it for three weeks, I finally accepted the truth. It wasn’t an easy decision but I have no regret till now.

The decision I made to follow Heavenly Mother was the greatest decision I’d ever made in my life.

The most thrilling truth was certainly about Heavenly Mother because I always had a question, “Doesn’t God the Father have a wife?” since I was little. The existence of God the Mother proved that my thought wasn’t nonsense.

The love of Mother, who gives out the water of life in order to save our souls by sacrificing Herself without rest is the noblest thing in the world. That love gradually changed me. Before I accepted the truth, I was a two-faced person. I pretended to be a kind person who looked sincere in faith in front of people but I was negative and dark inside. I noticed myself being changed within Heavenly Mother. I also learned how to truly love brothers and sisters and how to become a true Christian, through preaching.

When I preached the words of the Bible to my friends, they scoffed at me. Other than that, there were small and big difficulties, but it wasn’t too much. I even bore a pretty fruit by consistently making effort; a student whom I met on campus accepted the truth and became an enthusiastic gospel worker.

While I was spending wonderful days in that way, something caught me. It wasn’t persecution or a trial but it was my peaceful days. To be precise, it was just an excuse. Without a clear goal, my passion for the gospel slowly cooled down and I became lazy, using my busy school life for an excuse. Later, when I even had time, I didn’t make any move for the gospel.

One night, I had a dream. I was flying with brothers and sisters, riding on white horses. All others went up to heaven right away but I couldn’t go up; I fell when I was halfway. I have no idea how much I shivered in fear after waking up from the dream. That dream seemed like pointing my result of faith lost in direction.

Soon I threw away my foolish greed that was high ranked in my heart one by one and tried to devote myself to the gospel. I felt my soul was getting awake from sleep, and I got filled with happiness and thankfulness day after day.

Meanwhile, I met a young lady. When I asked if she had ever heard about Heavenly Mother, she was very glad and said that she wanted to meet us. I was dumfounded because it was a new experience but she told us her story.

Since not long ago, she was surprised to hear the sure word of the Bible from a friend who just started to attend the Church of God and she wanted to follow her to the church. However, as her friend just started to attend the church herself, she didn’t know how to lead another person; so instead of asking to come with her, she only said, “Just wait. You’ll meet people from the Church of God.” She prayed to God to have her meet the people from the Church of God, and a few days later, she met us.

Sister Krizzette was reborn as a child of the true God in the Church of God where she eagerly wanted to come. She soon grew to be a gospel worker, and her friend who told her about the truth at the first place also grew in faith and is doing everything ardently if it brings a blessing.

Whenever I see the sisters being so happy in the arms of God, I feel how worthy the mission of preaching the gospel is. The decision I made to devote to the gospel was as wise as the decision I made to accept the truth after three-week-deep consideration. I give thanks to Heavenly Mother who keeps me firm in faith so that I may always make a right decision.

Everyone gets to stand at the crossroads of numerous choices and judgments while living. Sometimes you obtain happiness or fall into misfortune, depending on the choices you make. Among them, the most important decision is concerning the spiritual world. Heavenly Mother has been the lighthouse of truth, sacrificing Herself even till now, so that all people in the world may make a right decision. I will fervently preach the gospel to the souls who are at a loss, not knowing the true meaning of life—where they came from and where they are going—by following the example of Mother.