Help Your Family and Neighbors!


If someone comes to help you carry a heavy load, if someone kindly shows you the way when you are lost, if someone lends you an umbrella when you are floored by a sudden rain . . . You will be very happy and thankful when somebody stretches out a helping hand to you in those moments of need.

In our everyday life, we need other people’s help. Why don’t we all become willing helpers this month? When our family or neighbors need help, let us help them without expecting anything in return. But that doesn’t mean we have no rewards at all, because helping others carries its own rewards. When we willingly help others, it always brings us joy and happiness.

Look around you and see if there is anyone who needs help in your family.
Ask your family and neighbors if there’s anything to help.
If you need someone else’s help, raise your hand and say, “This is your chance to help me!”
If someone says, “This is your chance to help me!” help him or her right away.
Help at least once a day.
Whenever you help someone, mark it on the calendar. Then a month later, count how many times you’ve helped your family and neighbors.
When you help others, make sure that they do not feel burdened. Be careful not to help them with what they should do for themselves.