Keep Your House Neat and Clean


A house is like the face of a person who lives there. If you do not wash your face even for a day, it gets dirty. Likewise, if you do not clean your house often, it will get dirty soon. In the chaotic and distracted situation, a home cannot fully function as a comfortable haven.

The mission of this month is to keep your house and its surroundings clean and neat where your precious family dwells. When you wash your face, it feels good. If you keep your house clean which is like the face of your family, it will refresh your mind and your house will give off good energy that everything will come out right.

Clean the section each member is in charge of during a certain period, such as a shoe shelf, windows, and a bathroom.
Set a Cleaning Day for the whole family to clean up together.
Throw away things that are no longer used or give away them to others.
Do not make a mess, expecting someone else will clean it.
The person who spots a dirty place first cleans it voluntarily.
Recycle and keep trash collection schedule.
Clean with a pleasant and thankful heart.
Clean up around the house.