October 8, 2019

If You Want to Fly


Carpenter bees move from this flower to that flower to collect honey from early in the morning. Their bodies are bigger and chubbier than other ordinary bees. For the body size, their wings are rather small. From a perspective of air dynamics, their body structure is not ideal for flying.

Then, how can carpenter bees fly with the wings which are not that helpful in flying? The secret lies in the flap of wings. Since carpenter bees can never fly if they flap their wings as many as other bees, they do it more diligently than any other bee. They flutter their wings more than 200 times a second. As a result, their flank muscles are developed that they can fly their body, which is even hard to float in the air, more than 200 km [124 miles].

Are you not even trying, thinking that you lack ability to carry out the gospel mission given by God? Even though the ability wing that you have might be small, it wouldn’t hurt. Just as carpenter bees flap their wings desperately to collect honey, if you keep making efforts to achieve the goal without giving up, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. When you set a clear gospel goal and keep trying, you can do everything in God.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Php 4:13