Let Us Laugh Again and Again!


When you laugh, blessings come your way and harmony follows your family. When you laugh, hope wells up in you and sorrow goes away. When you laugh, you can overcome hardship and relieve stress. Laughter is so good for your body like restorative medicine that it helps you keep your health and drive away cancers and sometimes it can even change your destiny. It brings you happiness, the greatest goal of your life, in the end. People say that they laugh as they are happy, but sometimes they get happy as they laugh. This month, let us enjoy the privilege of laughing to our hearts’ content.

Laugh as soon as you get up, and you will be happy all day long.
Laugh, looking into the mirror; when you laugh, your reflection in the mirror too laughs.
Laugh when you have a hard time; the one who can laugh even in difficulty is the greatest person.
Laugh when you are upset, and anger will turn to blessing.
Laugh out loud, and every illness will go away.
Laugh again and again, and laughter will become your habit.
Laugh first when you meet someone’s eyes, and the bond between you and that person will grow stronger.
Make others laugh; laughter is one of the greatest gifts.
Laugh before bed, and happy energy will be recharged while you’re sleeping.