August 9, 2019

Make Even the Hidden Place Shine Bright

Kim Bo-ra from Gyeongsan, Korea


Streets in Taiwan are very clean since the public order is highly regarded. Due to thorough management, people are forbidden to drink beverages including water after passing the subway ticket gates. If they violate the law, they are charged with a fine of about NTD 7,500 [USD 245]. The ASEZ team to Taipei, Taiwan, planned to clean up the street, but wondered if there would be enough trash since Hsinchu is a clean city nearby Taipei.

However, when we actually went there, we could see some trash here and there. While picking cigarette stubs and trash on the street, we found trash piled up in a dark alley between the buildings. The alley was so narrow that only one person could pass through, and dark even in the daytime. We stood in a queue and passed trash on to the next person to clean up the street. It looked as if insects would pop out from the wet waste at any moment and we seemed to have taken a shower with sweat, struggling with the trash. Despite that, we all made a big smile, saying that we were not tired because we were together.

Our positive energy must’ve passed on to others. A middle-aged lady who was carefully looking at us asked us which organization we were from. She kept praising us that we were doing a great job. Citizens, who were passing by, put the trash in our trash bag and cheered for us. After finishing the cleanup, I came to think that even a dark alley would not be filled with trash if we look around with the heart of a mother who takes extra care of her child. Whether it is a street or our heart, the secret of making even the hidden place shine bright is the love of mother.