July 28, 2020

They Just Have Not Realized Yet


Benjamin Zander is a prominent conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and a renowned orator on leadership and the value of life. This is what a child said when he performed to comfort people in a troubled region:

“I’ve heard this kind of music for the first time. While listening to your performance, I remembered my brother who died last year and tears came out. That felt so good.”

At that moment, he was convinced that anyone would like classical music and it is necessary for everyone and more people would love classical music.

It is said that only 3% of the people in the world love classical music. But he believes that all people of the world, except 3%, have not realized classical music yet, and that if everyone comes to like classical music, a totally new world will spread out.

As a gray-haired old man, he is still full of enthusiasm for his work. He says success depends not on wealth, honor, or power, but on how many people you have brightened up. If the eyes of the people around you are not glittering, you should ask yourself about what you are doing.