January 8, 2021

Opportunities in Everyday Life


People say, “An opportunity is just like long bangs which we find it easy to catch but hard to recognize that we miss it often; it has no back hair, so we cannot catch it again once it gets passed by; it also passes so quickly as if it has wings on its shoulders and heels.”

So people say they have to grasp the opportunity at the right time. But how many times in our lives do we sense it, thinking, ‘This is the very opportunity!’? If we can recognize the golden opportunity at first glance, none of us will foolishly miss the opportunity. Opportunities come into our everyday lives and constantly flow like time.

Ichizo Kobayashi, a Japanese industrialist, said, “If you are in charge of arranging shoes, be the best at it in the world. Then the world will not let you be a person who just arranges shoes.”

The person who is faithful to what he is entrusted with at every moment is the one who seizes the opportunity. Aren’t you complaining about not being given an opportunity, or missing all the opportunities in your daily life while just looking for a special opportunity?