October 10, 2019

Practice to Become Happy


‘I wish I could sleep more in the morning,’ ‘I wish the weather would be better,’ ‘I wish the traffic wouldn’t be bad in the morning,’ ‘I hope my project will pass,’ ‘I wish my wife would stop nagging,’ ‘I wish my son would have better grades at school’…

People want things endlessly. However, do things in the world go the way we want? Sometimes, you sleep through your alarm in the morning and leave the house in a hurry, but then, it is raining outside and the traffic is terrible. So you are late for work, and the boss who came to work earlier than usual that day yells at you about your project. You want to have a good rest after work, but your wife keeps nagging, and your son’s grades are one of the worst in his class.

When things don’t go the way you want, you come to complain, but you cannot keep complaining. The way to become happy is simple. Don’t try to change reality. Change your thoughts.

‘I’m thankful that I have a job and can go to work in the morning. I’m thankful that it is raining because it calms me down. I’m thankful that the traffic is bad because I can learn patience, and I’m thankful that my project didn’t pass because I have another chance to try again. I’m thankful that I have a wife who cares about every single thing about me, and I’m thankful that my son is healthy though he doesn’t get good grades.’

How is it? It’s simple, right? Practice giving thanks every day! It is the very happiness.