November 27, 2019

The Reason My Syngonium Revived

Jeong Eun-jeong from Seoul, Korea


A few years ago, I went to a plant nursery. I didn’t think I could do a good job of raising a plant, so I asked the florist to recommend a plant that would grow well even if I didn’t take much care of it. Then she recommended syngonium. I decided to buy it because the fresh green syngonium leaves that had silver-white patterns in the center made me feel refreshed, and because I gained confidence when she told me that it would be even better if I was lazy for the plant to grow well.

Just as she said, the syngonium grew really well. I put it in a spot where there was no sunlight or wind, and watered it once in a while, but the new leaves kept coming out, and the leaves that were already out looked healthy and green. As I wished, the plant grew well though I didn’t really take care of it.

But then from some time, the green leaves started turning yellowish and drooping. The shiny silver-white patterns looked noticeably pale. I didn’t know why, so I took it by the window and watered it more often. However, it wasn’t getting any better.

Unlike before, only a few leaves were left, and they were still drooping. It looked ugly and weak. I thought about raising a new plant, but I felt bad that I didn’t take good care of it though I had had it for quite a long time. So belatedly, I did some research on the characteristics of syngonium:

“Syngonium is a plant that lives in tropical regions. The leaves wither if you put them in excessive sunlight, and the leaves turn brown if they are left in the shade too long. Therefore, it is important to control the sunlight. This plant likes water, but too much water can cause the root to rot, so it is better to water it when the soil on the surface gets dry.”

No wonder why it wasn’t getting better! It was because I only watered it, not even knowing its characteristics. I immediately moved it to a spot with a little sunlight. I waited for the soil to get dry until I watered it, and also gave it a plant tonic.

Although it was much late, fortunately, the syngonium started getting better day by day. As one month passed, the silver-white patterns became clearer and the new sprouts started coming out. I was very sorry for having not taken care of this beautiful plant with love earlier.

While raising the syngonium, I repented of my attitude and mindset towards the souls around me. Just as I thought that I did all I needed to do while watering it with no concern, not even knowing the characteristics of the syngonium, I might have just felt satisfied with my work of delivering knowledge to the souls God entrusted me with.

Concern comes from love. To save a soul, I must love the soul. The love of God who gives us the water of life is what all people of the world need. I will pay attention to each and every soul and give God’s love to them. I believe that the dry souls will be revived like my syngonium.