Make Rules for Happy Home!


A happy family life is often included in a New Year’s wish list. However, happiness is not given by nature, by chance, or by itself. Happiness comes to those who try and practice. What are your efforts to make your family happy? If your family makes effort all together rather than alone, it will surely create a synergy effect. So, start brainstorming and make Happy Rules for your happy home.

The important thing is to practice after setting up your Happy Rules. If you continue to follow the rules until the year end, starting this month, wouldn’t your family become happier than now by the end of the year?

Set your Happy Rules in detail.
(Hug each other, reconcile before the day passes, laugh every day, etc.)
Do not let only one person set the rules unilaterally, but under all the family’s consent.
When your Happy Rules are set, attach them where all the family can see.
If one of your family members breaks or abandons the rules, lead him or her with love.
Have time to share each other’s feelings or opinions after following the rules.