January 16, 2020

Sandwiches from the Sky


There is a sandwich shop where customers have to look up in order to receive their sandwich. What is unique about this is there are no tables, no chairs, and no counter. What is more, the shop is on the seventh floor, not on the first or second floor. You may think this is quite strange, but it has become popular and the street around the shop is crowded with customers who came after hearing about this unique spot. This is “Jafflechutes,” a sandwich shop in Melbourne, Australia.

“Jafflechutes” is a combination of “jaffles” (a type of toasted sandwich) and “parachutes.” Customers pre-order and pay for their sandwich online and wait for it at an agreed time. Then their sandwiches are dropped from the 7th floor window of the shop; customers standing on the sidewalk below receive their sandwiches delivered to them by parachute. All people standing below, without exception, look up to the sky.

This innovative and unique way of serving food came as a solution to a problem the owner faced. Normally, the first floor is the most desirable for restaurants since people can easily come and go, but the rent is very expensive. Alternatively, the owner opted for the seventh floor and developed this unique idea in order to be more profitable. Thanks to his brilliant idea, the business has become a big hit.

This shows that, according to one’s point of view, even a fatal weakness can be turned to an innovative merit.