The Secrets of Blue Zones


Dan Buettner, a researcher at National Geographic in the United States, has traveled around the world for over ten years to study the secrets of longevity. He named a longevity village with the low incidence of cancer and dementia and high quality of life as a “blue zone.” And he discovered common characteristics of the people residing in blue zones such as Icaria Island in Greece, Sardinia Island in Italy, and Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

It was the environment where they walk even quite a distance and constantly do physical activity, and their attitudes of living well at ease with self-sufficiency. They also enjoyed a plant-based diet rather than high-fat foods.

The most striking feature was that all of the aged residents, whether caring for livestock or running a small restaurant, worked steadily and had life purposes. Also, they were spending much time with their families and friends.

Regardless of age, the secret to a healthy and happy life is not that grand. Knowing what to do and having a good time day after day with loved ones. These are good enough.