June 24, 2020

Turning a Weak Point into a Strong Point


A shark, the apex predator in the sea, has fatal weak points as a fish. It is that it doesn’t have an air-filled sac, namely, an air bladder which controls its buoyancy, and gill muscles.

A shark has a liver which constitutes up to one fourth of its total body mass instead of the air bladder. The liver is filled with oil which is lighter than water, so it helps it float in the water. However, the liver’s effectiveness is limited, so a shark needs to constantly swim in order not to sink. Besides, it does not have gill muscles which are necessary for respiration, so it cannot stop swimming even for a moment to ensure a constant supply of oxygen.

The reason a shark can swim fast anywhere in the sea and hunts its prey quickly though it does not have an air bladder and gill muscles is because its fins are developed very well while it moves constantly in order to breathe without sinking. The weak point becomes the strong point which makes a shark reign over the ocean.

Sometimes, you may feel depressed because of the things that you regard as lacking in your life of faith. However, those things can be a driving force that strengthens your soul if you continue the spiritual exercise by preaching and the spiritual breathing by praying. What you are lacking or weak in is the power that makes your soul alive and active.

The secrets that make my soul strong!

Preaching the gospel